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FREE membership for people looking to learn about or get involved in the skydiving and/or wingsuit community. Choose this plan if you have yet to leave the surly bonds of gravity and take the plunge!

Check it all out, and hopefully we get you enough information to show you why you should come start jumping with us here at FlyteSkool at Skydive DeLand!

Sign up now, even if it's just to watch the bada$$ videos we post around here!


Free Jumper Membership

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Jumper Membership

All you have to have is your USPA License and Membership number, or equivalent.  This gives you full access to our website and online store, with the ability to purchase skydiving related items and take part in our community.  I mean hell, it's free.  You can import your stuff straight from facebook.   All the cool kids are doin' it, Shouldn't you??

Post your stuff to the community and share with your friends & learn in a place dedicated to what you love, Chasin Puffy's!!


WS Pilot Premium Membership

 A current wingsuit pilots dream :) 

$ 29.00

 for  1 month

If you are already a wingsuit pilot, or have your own gear and just want to either have access to discounts on wingsuit rentals or gear to purchase, this is the plan for you.  This plan gives you a 10% discount on wingsuit rentals, full access to the site, 10% off of new gear sales (excluding gear packages) and a 25% discount on online training as it becomes available in early January 2016!



Monthly Premium Membership

 Special Access, Rental Discounts
& Online Coaching 

$ 99.00

 for  1 month

This package gives you access to our coaching staff 7 days a week. If you have video, or GPS data you would like us to review, or just questions about wingsuiting, canopy flying or skydiving in general, we are available to you. Through either email, Facetime or a Skype conversation after the coach has had an opportunity to review your submission, we will be happy to help you out as in the Distance learning Coaching Package.We realize not everyone can come here to Skydive Deland, but now we can come to your home! This monthly charge will give you far more access to a coach, even when you're not at the Drop Zone, for far less than the cost of a coach jumps. FlyteSkool reserves the right re­negotiate the price of this service if the students use exceeds a normal amount. We just want to make sure we have time for everyone, and if you need more time, we'll be happy to give it to you, but want to make sure we give everyone their fair due.

This monthly package also offers a 10% discount on all rental gear from our normal pricing structure. Need 2 rigs? We'll give you a 15% discount on 2 rigs monthly. Also, a 10% discount on all gear (suits, rigs, and canopies excluded). Most of you interested in this will likely also be interested in trying different gear, so here's a great chance to save yourself some money, and get some great information! Cancel at anytime.


Seasonal Premium Membership

 Seasonal Gear Rental, Coaching
& Great Savings 

$ 575.00

 for  6 months

This package gives you everything in the Monthly Membership Package,plus a 15% discount on rental gear, one online coaching session per week (if needed), a 10% (silver level) discount on sales and 20% off continuing education. For downsizing of canopies, just give us a couple weeks notice, and we will send you the new smaller canopy on risers ready to swap out, and you just pay to send us the original canopy back. We cover shipping for the rig back and forth. Super easy. Great for those of you just getting into the sport and trying to bang out as many jumps as you can to start flying with all your new friends! If you are or become a wingsuit/tracking suit pilot during the period of your package, then we will extend the same 15% and as an added bonus, we will give you 50% off your first month suit rental! Need 2 rigs? We’ll give you a 20% discount on the second!

Gear will be paid in monthly increments, $1000 Security Deposit & Insurance Required.


Annual Premium Membership

 Annual Gear Rental, Coaching
& Huge Discounts! 

$ 550.00

 for  1 year
This is for those that just want what they want when they want it. Best of the best. Change it up anytime. 20% discount on rental gear. As much online coaching about whatever as often as required (within reason). Gold level pricing on all purchases & local coaching. 25% off continuing education. Payments handled the same way as the Seasonal Package.Cancel only after 6 months or with purchase of new gear through FlyteSkool. Insurance required. If you just got your A license, this will be exactly what you want!

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