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Wingsuit Skydiving So what the hell is going on in wingsuiting?

Why is there so much fuckin drama? Why do they think they need some special instructors rating? Why is this so damn important that there was a BOD meeting about it anyways!? These are all good questions and personally, I'd rather tell Ya'll myself than have some other agency step in & tell everyone first. So let's lay all this crap out there already, get past it, and move forward! (I think that's what all flockers like to do most anyways, isn't it? Move Forward?)

Drama? Well that's its own damn Emerson poem, or Greek Tragedy, whichever you prefer. As ‘ol Ralph Said, " All our progress is an unfolding, like a vegetable bud. You have first an instinct, then an opinion, then a knowledge as the plant has root, bud, and fruit. Trust the instinct to the end, though you can render no reason ." No time or place for it. Wingsuiting is getting to be so far advanced these days, that we are about where freeflyers were, back in ‘05 when some friends and I really got into this down here in Florida, and look where Freeflying is today!!! I can't wait to see the wingsuit community have that much skill, training, ability, experience & camaraderie to pull off something like what the FF crowd did at summerfest! (Rook & everyone else had an easy 8 or 10 years on us) We will get there, In time flockers... Keep your wingsuits on! Hell, a 6 way back a few years ago was a "big way"! The best We've done so far was the 71 & 75 ways that we did back in ‘08 where no one touched each other once intentionally. We did it to see if we could, hell nothing like it'd ever been done before. Wow, how times change. Not only are we now "boxed" in flight, but some people put us in the "good guys" and "bad guys" boxes when we're on the ground, too!


How to Eliminate the Risk of a Wingsuit Tailstrike on ANY Aircraft

By: Scotty Burns
Squirrel Wingsuit I/E
FAA CommercialMultiInstrument
Rated Airplane / Rotary

The mitigation of risk during Skydiving operations concerning a Wingsuit Pilot and the Aircraft they are exiting from is possible with a minimal amount of training and understanding from both the skydiver’s perspective, and the Pilot’s. To fix this problem, we must first identify the underlying reasons Tail Strikes have occurred, not just who screwed up.

Skydiving Plane

So now that you have decided to take the plunge into skydiving to learn to really fly with a wingsuit, let’s cover some of the steps you can take before you get to 200 jumps to really help prepare yourself for flying a wingsuit.

Wingsuiting used to be reserved for the most experienced and advanced jumpers, normally who all had hundreds if not thousands of jumps before wanting to even try a wingsuit, knowing the dangers involved. However these days, it’s all anyone wants to do. They get into the sport and expect to fly a wingsuit on their first jump after their tandem. This puts new wingsuiters in a position that is different than most other skydivers will ever put themselves in. The easiest way to get hurt in skydiving, is to land off of the drop zone. This is far easier position to find yourself in at a much lower experience level due to the inclusion of wingsuits into the hands of younger jumpers,


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