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FlyteSkool's Quick Progression Program

FlyteSkool’s Zero to Hero program is designed to take the average person off the street and bring them up to the level of knowledge and experience required as quickly as possible to begin wingsuit training. This program is the culmination of years of developing training programs in the SCUBA, Motorsports, Aviation, Skydiving and Wingsuit environments that have proven to be more successful with people with less experience than their peers who did not receive our training.

Learn to SkydiveIt’s not always what you say that makes someone understand a concept, it’s how you say it.

This program combines everything one would need to start from scratch to get into wingsuit flying. This process normally takes most people at least a year and normally thousands of dollars more than this package will cost, for a variety of reasons. Zero to Hero is built around the student that knows where they want to go, and that they want to get there now. We feel that condensing the entire package into a 6-8 week long course (weather dependant), produces students that are more aware, knowledgeable, and safe because of this intensive training with top professionals over a short amount of time. Normally, the only way for someone to gain the level of knowledge and experience to be able to start to train to fly a wingsuit, took so much longer because of a lack of a structured learning system, that FlyteSkool has now built.

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Zero to Hero combines the TAFF training program with coaching to first help you become a licensed skydiver. Once you have you “A” license, our coaches will help bring you up to speed with the basics of RW (Relative Work), or flying on your belly, like learning to stand as a small child. Next comes a more advanced course focusing on improving your skill flying your parachute, which you need to get your USPA “B” license. Next you will be working on Tracking (horizontal movement with just a normal jumpsuit) with your personal coach (similar to learning to walk), which leads you into freeflying. Freeflying is a discipline where the skydiver learns to fly their body in just about any way in relation to the relative wind. First things you will learn are how to sit fly, then fly head up in a stand, then head down straight towards the ground sometimes reaching speeds in excess of 200mph. In the same analogy, this could be compared to learning how to run.

Once you have built upon these skills you will be ready for a new course in skydiving that is a FlyteSkool original, an Introduction to Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM). This course was built upon decades of NASA and AOPA research as to why aviation accidents happen, and their most likely causes. FlyteSkool has tirelessly combed through thousands of pages of documents to put together a selection of these reports most related to common skydiving situations, and developed a training program to teach key elements of these theories to the skydiving public, who would not have access to this information otherwise. The idea behind this class is simply to teach people how to make better decisions more quickly, and to recognize dangerous behaviors or attitudes one may develop to help ensure a safe outcome. After ADM is your Advanced canopy piloting course, where we build on the skills learned in the “B” license class and help you learn to land in various weather conditions in an area the size of a couple of football fields, rather than in the size of 10 as you were up until this point.

At this point, you should have around 120-140 jumps. You have learned far more in a few weeks of intensive training more than most would in years of skydiving. Now it’s time to get serious, and really learn to fly. Next up is your Tracking Suit ground school, which gives you the basics of navigation, situational awareness, and some of the basics of the wingsuit first flight course, that are specifically derived for tracking suits. Once you have done your ground school, our coaches will take you up and work on fundamentals with you, and once you get to 200 jumps, you can begin your wingsuit training. From this point on, it’s basically nothing but WOW amounts of fun. We basically put you through 3 of our 4 wingsuit training products in a row, and build your skills to help you start to become what we call “SuperPositional”, or able to be anywhere, at anytime, relative to anyone. Or basically, a total BadA$$.

Now, about 2 months later, you are at 250 jumps, a highly skilled wingsuit pilot in a very short amount of time, and are ready to continue on in your skydiving career. Let us know how we can help make your dreams, your reality.

Learn to Wingsuit

Class Code: 5000

250 jumps total
100 Coach jumps total
350 total slots
FlyteSkool Package Price $19,995.00

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