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Instruction Services offered by FlyteSkool Inc.

Winsuit Instruction

Zero to Hero Program #5000

This program is designed to take people from off the street, and train them to be world class wingsuit pilots. By controlling the training received by the student from the beginning, we can minimize the amount of bad habits we have to untrain before they begin to develop, thus reinforcing the positive training techniques we employ. This is a 250 jump program that includes all of our training tools and modules to get you to the highest level of performance, as quickly as possible.

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tracking suit ground schoolTracking Suit Ground School #4001

Required for all renters without a USPA "D" License or proof of wingsuit training

Local or Online Tracking Suit Ground School - This program is derived to train the basics of the Wingsuit FFC, for the tracking suit. Tracking suits today offer higher performance than many original wingsuits did just a few years ago, hence the need to have a good understanding of general airspace, navigation & dead reckoning, and the basics of ADM (Aeronautical Decision Making). Some basic canopy skills that should have already been learned in a canopy course are revisited, as well as proper prejump planning.

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Wingsuit Student Pilot Package

Wingsuit Student Pilot Package #4002

3 Jump Intro Course

This is FlyteSkool’s three jump Wingsuit First Flight progression course. This course teaches the new wingsuit pilot the basics of how to fly with stability and make it back to the DZ. This this is the equivalent of your driver's ed test that just basically states that you can likely drive the car and not hit anything, most of the time. This is your first step into wingsuiting, like AFF for Wingsuits!

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Wingsuit Private Pilot PackageWingsuit Private Pilot Package #4003

12 Jump Progression Package to give you an introduction to all the different parts of wingsuit flying.

This is FlyteSkools 12 jump progression course, designed to help the new wingsuit pilot be able to fly safely with flocks, take docks, and be able to transition to backflying consistently and routinely. Technical group exits, and far far more.

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Wingsuit Aerobatic PilotingWingsuit Aerobatic Piloting #4004

10 coach jumps with a wold class wingsuit coach to get you on your back and flying right! 

Learn to backfly like a pro, with a pro. Learn high speed transitions, backfly docks, video theory, spins, carves, other aerobatic maneuvers, and prepare yourself to begin to compete in aerobatic competitions. This course will give you the tools to understand and perform in your wingsuit with precision and beauty, with the goal of making a pilot SuperPositional.

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AcesHueyExitWingsuit Racing Techniques #6001

The beginning of teaching an experienced wingsuit pilot the technical aspects of all forms of wingsuit performance competitions. Weather it be the PPC cup or the Red Bull Aces, we can give you the information and training to make the difference between just going to these events, and placing in them.

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Wingsuit CoachingFlyteSkool Wingsuit Coach Program #6420

Teaching a very experienced, competent wingsuit pilot how to cope with the stresses of training new wingsuit students, both in the air and on the ground. Coach must be SuperPositional, able to communicate effectively with student in any and all realms of flight, & understand and show proper positioning and flight management with Instructor/Examiner playing “Bad Student”. Must be able to communicate all applicable information, both on ground and in air, to most any student in a way they can understand. Aviation & prior skydiving or other applicable instructional experience a plus. Not all qualify.

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