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Here at FlyteSkool, we choose only to use the best of the best. For initial skydiving training, we utilize Skydive University and Skydive DeLand's quiver of instructors for their years of experience at bringing people off the street and getting them started with the best training tools to begin with. SDU basically wrote the book on AFF training, and has been doing it for 40 years.

Through working together for the last couple of years we have built a good relationship bringing people up through the ranks with SDU, and they have a great track record of building champions, as do we. If you're coming through Zero to Hero, or looking for the best place on the planet to start, SDU and Skydive DeLand is IT.

FlyteSkool recommends the Tunnel AFF(Accelerated Free Fall) program to get started. We feel this give our students the best chance for success through the best training techniques available. For more info on this check out our Zero to Hero page.

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