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   FlyteSkool’s mission is to provide our customers with the best instruction, equipment, and most relevant information possible to ensure our future pilots not only have the time of their lives, but also do so safely, while learning how to make better decisions both in the air, and on the ground.

   We only work with the best of the best. From Squirrel Wingsuits, to Aerodyne Skydiving gear, we make certain that the gear we jump & the gear we rent, is the best in the business; hands down. We have found these companies to hold the quality & design of their products, as well as customer service, as their top priority.  Through years of dealing with companies in the skydiving industry, we have found this to be the tastiest recipe...  Only the best will do.
   Our instructional concepts are different than those of any other skydiving related school out there. We are not just planning on teaching people how to jump, we are teaching them how to fly without an airplane.  With mainly just their own judgement between them landing safely back home, or injured in a tree miles away or worse, training people as pilots, rather than just jumpers from the beginning is paramount . That being said their initial skydiving training is in line with these ideals.  With the performance characteristics we are seeing now and will see in the future of both parachutes and wingsuits, the need to increase the quality of our training to ensure a safe future direction for our sport and it’s participants is more apparent than ever.

   The concepts required to make good decisions while operating wingsuits at high speeds with incredible performance, truly shows the need to turn skydivers, into airmen. This cannot be accomplished without introducing new training models and techniques not currently available in skydiving, but more closely aligned with general aviation. Expecting a new skydiver at 200 jumps to perform in a wingsuit is similar to expecting a 16 year old in drivers ed to be able to fly a helicopter 2 weeks after getting their driver’s license.

   We have arrived at these educational models through over 20 years of Aviation and Skydiving Instructional Experience. Our goal is to offer this to our customers to provide them with the most exceptional training environment possible; while providing a service to new jumpers getting into the sport, supplying them with top quality gear at a reasonable monthly price so they can do more jumps, gain more experience, spend less money, and be safer skydivers~ that hopefully come to learn to fly wingsuits with us here at FlyteSkool one day.  FlyteSkool is the longest running wingsuit school in the world.  We have been operating continuously for the last decade, under a couple of different names, but no other school on the planet has been at this as long as we have.  Come find out why the best of the best, come from FlyteSkool.


   We have lost more than enough friends in the last few years to minor errors, we at FlyteSkool honor them by learning from all of our prior mistakes, to make future pilots, safer for years to come.

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