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   So there you sit just wanting to learn to fly a wingsuit because it’s about the coolest thing you’ve ever seen right after the new Point Break Movie & countless hours of YouTube. You’ve never jumped before, but you know you just have to do this somehow… That’s cool… I’ve had a lot of people just like you throughout the years that had to start somewhere too. We can help you get just where you want to go. Honestly all you have to have is desire, time, and money. Here’s why you should, and why it’s the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself.

   Sure we get a good rush every time we jump, but it’s more the moments you experience and will never forget, the relationships you make with people you never would have met otherwise, and your shared experiences with them that really keep you coming back.  It honestly is like you have found family that you never knew you had, and even better, you can choose this family.  The percentage of amazing people that you will get to interact with from all around the world, that are more driven, passionate, dedicated, and fun than any other circles you will ever have the opportunity to be around. From Doctors, to ditch diggers, to actors to students, pilots, supermodels, landscapers, cops, robbers, astronauts, submariners & special operators, you’ll meet just about anyone & every type you can imagine. 

   The psychology behind why we jump.

  It’s not because we’re all crazy. Well, maybe a little bit~ :) The idea of most people who learn to skydive and stay with it and continue on in the sport, is their added ability to feel as if they have even just a little control in their life.  Control.  It’s an amazing thing and completely dependent upon your perspective. Not the physical act of jumping, but the knowledge that you will have to make a decision that your life will depend on, eventually, and your ability to deal with that and go on about your life like nothing happened is what we are talking about. We take these risks everyday and never think about them. Driving for instance.. I have a lot more dead friends from car accidents than I do from skydiving. It once again, is just about perspective.

  Why you should change your life and go start skydiving to fly a wingsuit

Go live your life. Gain Perspective. We are all here for a reason. Explore while you can!  Learn what YOU have dreamed of doing from the time you were a small child, as all have since the beginning of time-

  Wingsuit Flying has progressed to a point now that could only have been imagined in the last few years. Suits originally were merely panels sewn in between the legs and arms of a suit and worked off deflection of air, like a round parachute does. Suits in the last few years have now taken the shape of an airfoil, or the same as an airplane wing, meaning that the faster it goes, the more lift it produces, just like an airplane.

  What’s different now?

Risk vs. Reward.    Things are very different now than they ever were before true human flight. The idea of jumping out of an airplane was incomprehensible for most, for only the value of the perceived “rush” one would get from the physical act of jumping was the percieved reward.  This is not the case in this new generation of aviators.  The idea that we can now fly (without rigid wings) like a bird, or more specifically, like a sport bike with wings; makes the perceived risk less than the perceived reward at the end; not just jumping out of a plane but flying in the clouds like a falcon. Now that’s worth changing your life and learning how to do…

   Appreciate the short time we have here.

We all have friends whom have passed. But we don’t all have friends who have truly lived.

   Have more fun than the law should allow.

Don’t sell yourself short and settle for a life like everyone else you already know. I think you already know how that turns out…

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Next you should go do a jump. Weather it’s go do a tandem to see what it’s like, or start your AFF training either with us here at FlyteSkool or at your local Drop Zone. Check in the How to get started tab for more info.  

   Here at FlyteSkool, we offer our Zero to Hero program designed to take people off the street, and bring them through a custom progression training program to ensure our students have the highest success rate around, & help them get to where they want to go as safely as possible.  Many of our students throughout the years have gone on to become world record holders, national team members, and world class athletes; as can you. Come jump with us and find out just how far you can make it!

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