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Tandem Skydiving at Flyteskool

CLICK HERE to book a jump now! Or call (386) 748-0301 during the week.  

Ready to take the ride of your life? Just saw the new Point Break movie and want to know what it really feels like? You've come to the right place!

We offer Tandem Skydiving Training for most of our customers first jump experience.  Its the best way to go to go the feeling of what it's like, without any of the responsibility since you have a professional instructor on your back to take you for the ride of your life!  

Instruction begins with a short ground briefing, then your instructor will fit you into your own harness that attaches to theirs, and you board the aircraft.  Next you and your instructor jump and freefall from nearly 14,000 feet at speeds of 120mph or more!  After about a minute of freefall, your instructor will open the massive parachute after a 3-5 minute parachute ride, where you can see the east coast of Florida including Cape Canaveral on a clear day, to come in together for a soft landing.  Be sure to ask about our video and still photography packages for your tandem jump; you only get to make your first jump once, so make sure you can remember it for a lifetime!!

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What you must know to book a tandem skydive:

Is there a weight limit for a tandem passenger?   The weight limit for tandem students at most places is around 225lbs, however you can contact us to request a jump for a heavier passenger, it’s really all about who’s on staff the day you would like to make your jump.
What is the Age requirements for a tandem jump?  You must be 18 years old to jump.  There is no maximum age, as long as there are no serious healh or mobility issues that would prompt us to advise against making a jump.
Please contact us to discuss any weight, age or mobility inquiries before you schedule your Tandem Jump with FlyteSkool.

Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s):
You may not participate in skydiving activities if you have consumed any alcohol or drugs in the last 8 hours

Ive still got my first tandem photo 20 years later, make sure you will too!!   


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