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meready1sm Me in Panama14 Scotty Burns has been skydiving since right after his 18th birthday. The reason he started skydiving is his first new commercial aviation job towing banners required him to wear a parachute, so he decied to learn and that's all she wrote.  Scotty holds his Commercial Multi-Engine Inst. Airplane and Helicopter ratings and has for almost 20 years with a couple thousand hours of PIC time.  He is also a TDI Nitrox SCUBA instructor, Skydiving Coach, Wingsuit Instructor Eximaner, and for longer than all of those a photographer. His passion is wingsuit flying and teaching others to do so safely.  Over the last decade he has trained over a thousand new wingsuit students at dropzones all over the world.  He is a Dealer and Test pilot for Aerodyne and Squirrel, and the Wingsuit I/E for Skydive University.  His new training techniques and processes have helped to make wingsuit flying safer for everyone over the years, and his new training programs aim to do more of that, for more of you than he could have before.

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A Brief History of FlyteSkool

FlyteSkool has been known by a couple of different names over the years.  We started out as Z-Flock Wingsuit School back in 2005, was a partner in Flock University until that went south, we left Skydive S#ity and came to the best DZ on the planet, Skydive DeLand.  Over the years were involved with about every major wingsuit manufacturer in the market, have been involved with development of new products and wingshapes, and testing for Aerodyne as well.  Scotty has been lead videographer in wingsuit bigways since there was such a thing back in 2006, and recently has been more focused on bringing the school and better quality wingsuit instruction to the world.  Wingsuit performance has increased so dramatically over the last 5 years that the need for better, standardized education for new skydivers and wingsuit pilots has been plainly evident, and FlyteSkool is not waiting for anyone else to do it properly.  We are just going to do it ourselves, and others can either follow, or get out of our way.  The time for change in how we train those who want to fly wingsuits more like pilots, rather than just people who like to fall.

Getting Ready Flyteskool

The entire reason for FlyteSkools existance can be found on our Mission Statement page, however briefly, we are here to see more wingsuters join the flock, as safely as possible, by using training ideologies that have never been present in skydiving before, focusing on creating training programs more closely in line of a Pilot Training Course than they had been in the past.  The inclusion of ADM (Aeronautical Decision Making) training into skydiving is an industry wide first, and a FlyteSkool / Scotty Burns orignal class.  These classes alone are designed for all skydivers, to help us all make better decisions both in the air, and on the ground.

meteaching Experience Matters

When your coming to someone to learn how to save your life, wouldn't you rather them be able to explain not just what to do, but how and why you should do that?  With anything involving aerodynamics, pilotage, or skydiving?   Not all skydivers can.  We have been at this longer than just about anyone else, and work well with everyone in the industry.  Who's hands should you put your life, and future ability to make decisions into?   We think we know the answer to that.   Thanks for stopping by.

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