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We are a dedicated team, passionate about making your dreams a reality.

"I have spent my life learning how to explain things to others, in ways most don't think.  Relating what your are training to something your student already understands makes all the difference between telling someone something, and teaching them.  The best part of my job is making that little lightbulb turn on over someones head, and welcome them to the life of their dreams"

- Scotty Burns

Our Head Honcho's

These Guys Run the Place

Scotty Burns

Scotty Burns
Wingsuit Instructor Examiner / fat guy that loves to fly



Our Dedicated Team

Of Skydiving Experts

Christy Lambert
Treasurer, Shipping/Recieving, logistics, support


Mike Patterson
AFF/I and Rigger Extrordinare, Racer T/IE & soon to be wingsuit coach 


Curt Vogelsang
Social Media / WS Coach(soontobe), and all around Fungi.  


We want to hear from you!

If you are a wingsuit professional who we know and will be traveling to Skydive Deland, Let Us Know!!   We'd love to fly with you, and maybe we can even find you some work! (depending on who you are)  If you just feel like you want to be part of our team, drop us an email, and you never know what might happen.   This is not just about having the best skydivers around, it's also about having the RIGHT people.  Shoot us an email, we just might be looking for you!!
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