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Learn to fly like like Louis Hamilton drives an F1 car, with the best training environment & programs in the world

From it’s inception in the late 1990’s, Wingsuit Flying has seen exponential growth, most notable since the advent of YouTube and Wingsuit BASE Proximity Flying. Once wingsuits began using an airfoil shape that actually produces lift rather than operating off of deflection of air, (designed by Jeff Neblekopf in 2007) we are seeing performance numbers we never thought possible even just a few short years ago. With glide ratios in excess of 5:1 for larger suits, and other new powered personal wings (Rex Pemberton & Yves Rossy), we truly are entering into the wild west of personal aviation.

The need for better training methodologies and information before the skydiver reaches 200 jumps and wants to train to fly a wingsuit is becoming more and more apparent. With a rash of fatalities in the wingsuit BASE community over the last few years, where we have lost some of our best and brightest, shows us that even the best still can make mistakes that can cost them their lives. Our job here at FlyteSkool, is to try to teach you all we can to prepare you early, and progress you up to a wingsuit by 200 jumps so you can learn to make good, effective decisions while in the air that can ultimately one day, save your life.

We are dedicated to helping those aspiring to fly to learn all they can before giving them their wings. We treat wingsuit and skydiving training more like aviation and pilot training than just skydiving training. After all, we aren’t just falling, we are really flying.

Hope to fly with you sometime soon~

Scotty Burns

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FlyteSkool has trained over a thousand new students over the last 10 years and shot video and pictures of some of the most amazing people all over the world doing what they love. Our goal is to provide our students with the best possible training and tools to give them the greatest opportunity for success as they move through their skydiving career. Keep checking back as we continuously are updating and adding to the site!

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Some people fly like birds; others, fall like bird crap.
- Leonardo Da-Vinci :)
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